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July 31, 2016 at 4:18 am



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KFI AM640 Interview!


Download this link of Rob Paulsen and I interviewed by

Mark Thompson last night on KFI AM640! CLICK HERE:




Xippy1 dodges Drone Blasts!

This amazing creature capable of galactic transverse is Xippy1. Her exploits can reduce a blood thirsty robot soldier into a limp bowl of french fried circuits. Her powerful anti-matter arm bands not only give her amazing strength and speed but they look splendid with any of her outfits.

In this .gif she is dodging Drone blasts in a high speed chase through the asteroid belt as she wears her matching belt! Look out killer robots! If she doesn’t kill you with her arm blasts , she may destroy you with her charms!






Turbie getting happy!








Drawing ‪Turbie the Turtle-duck  on Facebook Live

Here’s a new drawing video involving 2 of Turbie’s dog friends, Pally and Bitey!

Also, here’s a link to my digital Turbie book:
Drawing course: