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Rich Arons


With 44 years experience in the animation industry, Rich developed, directed & produced many
award winning cartoons for Steven Spielberg, including such hits as Tiny Toons
Adventures, Animaniacs and Freakazoid! winning 2 Emmy Awards and a George Foster
One of his most iconic achievements is his direction, storyboarding and animation of the
Animaniacs main Title sequence.
Trained in classical drawing, Rich earned his degree at Cal Arts, studying under some of the
great Disney and Warner Brother’s artists of the golden era: Elmer Plummer, Bill Moore, Kendall
O’Connor Ben Washam and Tee Hee.
Rich has created, written and designed his Killer Robot cartoons at
With Rob Paulsen singing Rich’s songs he has appeared on various outlets including the Tim
Conway Jr Show.

Rich has written and illustrated 2 children’s books about his character Turbie the Turtle-Duck.
The first was published in 2012. He also has released a sketchbook of his Instagram art. Rich’s comprehensive book on structural drawing and animation, Stretching Your Animation Muscles is sold at conventions and online.

Rich currently teaches figure drawing and animation at Glendale Community College since 2019.
He taught Character Design at Studio Arts in Downtown Los Angeles and continues to tutor students
in all aspects of drawing, storyboard, design and animation both domestically and internationally utilizing Zoom.

Animation Samples
Director/Producer Samples
Tumblr Portfolio Samples

X Sheet Samples

Note: I’ve timed hundreds of hours of cartoon shows over the last 40 years. Here are just a few samples:
Scooby Doo

Avengers: Film Roman

Dave the Barbarian: Disney

Baldo: Univision

How to do X-sheets:

Bernie Wrightson’s Change for a Dollar: G7 Animantion

Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs Main Title: Warner Brothers

The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus: G7 Animation

The Secret Saturdays: Cartoon Network

The Secret Saturdays Storyboard Samples

CG Storyboard Links

Ice Age

Santa Claus

New Looney Tunes Storyboard Links on PDF:

For Daily sketches:
For killer robots:


Samples online at:

Spongebob Squarepants—2020-2022
Timing Direction (Nickelodeon)
The Patrick Show —2020-2022
Timing Direction (Nickelodeon)
Chicago Party Aunt —2020-2021
Timing Direction (Titmouse / Netflix)
Central Park —2019
Storyboard (Bento Box)
New Looney Tunes —2016-2020
Storyboard and Timing Direction (Warner Brothers Animation)
Scooby Doo Guess Who—2017-2020
Storyboard and Timing Direction (Warner Brothers Animation)
The Wacky Races —2015-2018
Storyboard and Timing Direction (Warner Brothers Animation)
Bunnicula —2015
Storyboard/Writing/Storyboard Revisions (Warner Brothers Animation)
Major Lazer — 2014-2015
Flash/Traditional Animation (ADHD/Fox)
Axe Cop — 2013-2014
Flash/Traditional Animation (ADHD/Fox)
Golan the Insatiable — 2013
Flash/Traditional Animation (ADHD/Fox)
ABC Mouse — 2013
Flash Animation (Renegade Animation)
La La Loopsie — 2012-2013
Flash Animation (AMG/ Moonscoop/Cosmic Toast)
Tom and Jerry — 2012
Story Board in Flash (Renegade Animation/Warner Brothers)
The Mask 2: Son of the Mask — 2003
Story Board/Gag Writing/Animation (New Line Cinema)
Casper’s Haunted Christmas— 2000
Storyboard/Gag Writing (Mainframe Entertainment)
Black Water Zoo — 2000
Visual Development and Story (The Jim Henson Company/20th Century Fox Feature Animation)
Ice Age — 2000
Visual Development and Story (20th Century Fox Feature Animation)
Holy Cow — 1999
Direction/Visual Development and Story (DreamWorks Feature Animation)
Outlaws — 1999
Direction/Visual Development and Story (DreamWorks Feature Animation)
Cartoon Mayhem — 1999
Character Design (Microsoft)
Weekenders — 1999
Designer (Walt Disney Television Animation)
Casper (Steven Spielberg Feature) — 1994-1995
Senior Computer Animator (Amblin Entertainment – Feature Division)


Life and Adventures of Santa Claus — 2007-2010
Director (Gang of Seven Animation)
Pepe LePew AT&T Commercial — 2008-2009
Director/Storyboard/Animation (Gang of Seven Animation)
Hornswiggle — 2008
Director — (Nickelodeon/Frederator)
Binky’s Xmas Tree Cartoons — 2010
Writer/Director (Rich Arons Productions)
Shark Shooter Commercial — 2006
Director/Animation (Gang of Seven Animation)
Biker Mice from Mars — 2005-2006
Director (Gang of Seven Animation)
Legend of the Dragon — 2004
Director (Gang of Seven Animation)
Dave the Barbarian — 2003
Timing Director (Disney Television)
Happy Animal Friends — 2002
Director/Story Development in Flash (Disney Channel)
Baldo — 2002
Director/Story (Univision/Tom T Animation)
The Elf King – Cannes Festival Promo — 2001
Writer/Director/Visual Development (Sirius Animation)
Clifford — 2000
Timing Director (Mike Young)
Noddy — 2000
Timing Director (SD Entertainment)
Toonsylvania — 1998-1999
Co-Executive Producer (DreamWorks Television Animation)
Really Big Robot — 1998-1999
Created and Developed series optioned by (DreamWorks Television Animation)
One Saturday Morning/Can of Worms — 1997
Producer/Writer/Designer/Show Development (Walt Disney Television Animation)
Steven Spielberg Presents Freakazoid — 1996 – 1997
Producer (Warner Brothers Television Animation)
Marvin the Martian in 3D — 1995
Directing Animator (Warner Brothers Television Animation)
Space Jam — 1995
Director/Story Development (Warner Brothers Feature Animation)
Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs — 1992 – 1994
Producer (Warner Brothers Television Animation)
Steven Spielberg Presents Tiny Toon Adventures — 1989 – 1993
Director/Producer (Warner Brothers Television Animation)
Balto (Steven Spielberg Feature) — 1994
Associate Producer (Amblin Entertainment – Feature Division)


Turbie the Turtle-Duck Series (2011-Ongoing) Writer/Illustrator
Original Children’s Book Series published by Toledo Publishing
Flexing Your Animation Muscles (2012) Writer/Illustrator
How to draw, animate, storyboard & design for the screen published by Toledo Publishing


The Big Bang Theory (2013) Comic Book Posters for the Comic book store set
Gallery Shows — 2012-Ongoing Valencia Town Center Gallery/Union Bank — Oil Paintings
Comic Strip — 2011-Ongoing Turbie the Turtle-Duck – Writer/Illustrator


Cartoons on the Bay Award (1999) “Steven Spielberg Presents Toonsylvania”
Emmy Award (1997) Producer of “Steven Spielberg Presents Freakazoid”
Emmy Award (1993) Director of “Steven Spielberg Presents Tony Toon Adventures”
George Foster Peabody Award (1993) Producer of “Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs”


B.F.A. – Film Valencia, California California Institute of the Arts – Disney Animation Program